the shaman in stilettos
by Anna Hunt

The Shaman In Stilettos is the English version of Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love. Five years that changed my life. A journey that took me, a 29-year-old Cambridge graduate and celebrity interviewer for one of the highest-selling newspapers in Britain, to the untouched wilderness of the Amazon rainforest where I spent months drinking one to the most potent hallucinogenic drugs known to man in a bid to find inner peace, to a passionate affair with Massimo Morales, a shaman priest. And back again. I continue to write for The Daily Mail but spend the majority of my time working as a shaman leading international retreats, workshops and one-on-one consults. The Shaman In Stilettos is my story.

"Wonderful. Every woman should read this book." Jessica Brinton, Sunday Times Style

"I love this book - it's a real page turner." Sadie Frost

Written with intimate, light-hearted panache, this memoir provides an impeccably researched window into the original 'self help' bible, formed from traditions passed down orally in strict secrecy from shaman to shaman for over 40,000 years.

Published by Penguin on 7 June, 2012

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